$VMNT: VOLUME and PRICE Explosion!

For investors and swing traders – we’re constantly exploring for penny stocks with a high probability of a potential breakout. Within the past week, I’ve noticed an enormous growth coming from Vemanti Group, Inc. ($VMNT), an OTC stock worth checking out. From the low market cap and 5x the amount of volume, I highly suggest that investors should keep $VMNT on their watchlist. Here’s what you should know about Vemanti Group, Inc. 

Vemanti Group, Inc. / $VMNT

Vemanti is an investment business with a focus on a specific niche, fintech (financial technology). If you’re in constant research on the stock market, you probably have an understanding that financial technology stocks are doing incredibly strong even in the midst of a pandemic.

According to Vemanti’s official webpage, the company drives its growth by:

  1. Acquisition and Investment – Vemanti focuses on early developing companies that are expected to have potential growth in the long-term.
  2. Development – Vemanti helps companies under its portfolio with strategies for the betterment of its future.
  3. Building Valuation – With help from Vemanti, the company helps businesses from its portfolio with ideas and strategies to maintain positive cash flow.
  4. Integration – Vemanti stated that they plan integration before any deal is made public.

Let’s check out the current valuation of $VMNT in the market.

$VMNT Share Value, Market Cap, And Volume

At the time of writing this OTC stock idea guide (July 23rd, 2020), the value of $VMNT is $0.1575 per share at 11:17 AM Eastern Time. Since the beginning of July 2020, the value of $VMNT was only $0.02 and has increased nearly 8x since then. 

The market cap for $VMNT is unknown – the market is probably gathering data for this company, so investors can expect it soon. The reason Vemanti stood out from all the other OTC stocks that I’ve been looking into is due to high increase in volume.

Normally, $VMNT’s average volume is around 184,474 shares. With all of the attention that this company is currently getting – the volume has been around 1,217,270 these last several days. Vemanti’s volume is displaying a great signal, which means that the possibility of a potential breakout can be expected.

Vemanti News For July 2020

Since the beginning of this month, GlobeNewswire, a well-known company that reports on the stock market published two reports surrounding Vemanti. Let’s take a look at it:

July 1st, 2020: Published by GlobeNewswire, the article mentions that Vemanti Group made an announcement regarding corporate updates and developments. An important piece of information to keep in mind is that they mentioned that their quarter two financial report is expected in the near future. Here’s what investors/potential investors should keep in mind in this report:

  • Vemanti at the moment carries no debt or has any long-term liabilities. 
  • They are involved in business management and development at the moment for its portfolio.

As an avid-investor, no debt nor liabilities is the perfect green flag to look further into this company.

July 22nd, 2020: Published by GlobeNewswire, one of Vemanti Group’s portfolio, Fvndit, distributed over $15 million in loans to SMEs. The loans were disbursed in Vietnam using its P2P lending marketplace. One of the highlights of this report is that most of these loans are a short-term loan, which comes out to an average of two months for each loan.

Investor Thoughts:

From all of the research that I’ve done, it appears to me that $VMNT is one of those unknown OTC stocks. The reason why Vemanti is currently on my watchlist is because of all the positive signals that I’ve discovered during my research. Vemanti definitely left a great impression especially with the current report and how it’s handling the overall growth.

Note: Whether you decided to invest in $VMNT is up to you. This isn’t financial advice, but rather to help investors with ideas for their portfolio. Please do your own due diligence before making any trading decisions.


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