5 Trending Stocks For 10/12! Why Are They Trending?

It’s Monday morning, investors are waking up, bulls and bears are ready to battle each other, and you’re preparing yourself for market opportunities. 

From gathering information online, Garbage2Gucci would like to present to you the top 5 trending stocks for October 12th, 2020.

In this guide, we’ll explain to you why these five stocks are currently trending:

  • $TWRT
  • $TWLO
  • $JKS
  • $AMZN
  • $AAPL

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Read this before continuingPlease note that the information provided by Garbage2Gucci.com isn’t to help investors make financial decisions. It’s always recommended that readers (you) should do their due diligence and invest at their own risk. We help provide market ideas – not financial advice. 

#1 – $TWRT

The first one on the list is Twitter. Today – Twitter shot up premarket by 4.5%. Keep an eye on this one because this company upgraded at Deutsche Bank. As of right now, many investors are expecting growth towards the end of the year.

The market closed on October 9th, 2020 at $45.90 per share. Prior to the market opening, the value per share increased to $47.81 per share.

#2 – $TWLO

Twilio Inc., another company investors should keep an eye out for! During the premarket, Twilio share price jumped up by nearly 5%. According to a press release, Twilio confirmed that they’re purchasing Segment for $3.2 billion! How high will this stock go once the deal officially goes through? Keep it on your watchlist to find out.

The market closed on October 9th, 2020 at $306.24 per share. As of right now, the premarket value for Twilio is currently at $319.22 per share.

#3 – $JKS

For dip opportunities, this stock might be worth watching. As of right now, investors are marking this stock as a “sell” but mainly for the short-term. JinkoSolar Holding dropped over 3% since the premarket this morning. Just how far will the value go down? 

JinkoSolar Holding closed last week at $62.84 per share. Since the premarket, the value of each share dropped to $60.70.

#4 – $AMZN

Amazon is higher in demand than ever. Almost everyone you know around you are using Amazon nowadays. This is the #4 blue-chip stock that’s currently trending. Since the opening of the premarket, the value per share increased by a whopping 2.36% leaving it at a 1.646 trillion dollar market cap.

Last week, Amazon closed at $3,286.65. As of today, the price per share is currently at $3,363 during market hours. 

From the looks of it, investors from all over have great confidence in Amazon!

#5 – $AAPL

Comparable to Amazon, investors are also watching Apple. This morning, during the premarket – Apple increased by 3%. Seems like Apple and Amazon are both following the same patterns. If you’re planning on buying a call, keep an eye out because this company has been releasing constant news that’ll wow the public! Since the time of writing this article, Apple is at a 2 trillion dollar market cap!

Apple closed last Friday at $116.97 per share. As of right now, the premarket movements showed a 2.97% jump increase! Apple is now sitting at $120.50.

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