Top 5 OTC Stocks With The Highest Volume

Are you having trouble finding or settling on ideal OTC stocks to add to your portfolio? Well, here are 5 top-performing high volume OTC stocks you should definitely be looking at.  

Buying OTC (Over The Counter) stocks is not that difficult, in fact just about anyone interested in doing so can buy them, buying the right OTC stocks however is what is very challenging. Luckily, there are a number of factors you can and should take into account when thinking about buying stocks that’ll help you get it right. One such factor is a stock’s volume.

When adding stocks to your portfolio it is very important that you factor in volume traded of that particular stock. In particular, you want to invest in a stock that’s moving high or large volumes whether daily, weekly, or monthly. It is with this that we’ve put up this particular post highlighting the top 5 OTC stocks with the highest volume. The stocks we’ll look at are;

  • Tesoro Enterprises Inc
  • Enzolytics Inc
  • Alternet Systems Inc
  • SunHydrogen Inc
  • MGT Capital Investments Inc

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Tesoro Enterprises Inc (TSNP)

Topping the list of OTC stocks with the highest volume traded is Tesoro Enterprises Inc. Denoted by the TSNP symbol, this particular stock moves heavy volumes in the market given that it’s a very popular stock with investors.

As of now, the volume traded with regards to Tesoro Enterprises Inc stands at over 300 million with a market capitalization of 147.23 million. Worth noting when focusing on this particular stock is that it has been on a very steady uptrend in the past few weeks thus the interest from investors and increase in volume of stocks traded.   

Enzolytics Inc (ENZC)

With 187,475,502 million worth of volume traded to date, Enzolytics Inc comes in second in this list of OTC stocks with the highest volume. Worth noting about this particular stock is that over the past few weeks it has been ranging.

In other words, it hasn’t been in a heavy sell or buy range over the last couple of days. This however hasn’t deterred investors from trading it as evident with its volume numbers which are steadily increasing.

While it has been ranging, Enzolytics Inc was and still is on a very heavy buy range on the monthly making it ideal for anyone looking to buy and hold long term.   

Alternet Systems Inc (ALYI)

Alternet Systems Inc (ALYI)

Stock-wise Alternet Systems Inc hasn’t been doing so well over the past few days or even weeks for that matter. This stock is currently on a very heavy sell range on the daily chart that’s seen its price drop to lows of 0.0114 something other investors have taken note of this hence the increase in volume traded.

Currently, the amount of volume traded with regards to this particular OTC stock is more than 78 million. Worth noting with regards to this drop is that this stock is still on an uptrend if you are looking at it on the monthly chart meaning this might be an ideal spot to buy this stock.

SunHydrogen Inc (HYSR)

Another great stock to invest in is SunHydrogen Inc (HYSR). This OTC stock has been on a nice steady rise over the last couple of days, weeks, and even months reaching highs of 0.042.

In fact, the price is still trying to break this high as of today as it stands at 0.041. Similar to other stocks that are already mentioned in this post SunHydrogen Inc (HYSR) has a high volume of stocks traded. Its volume is currently at 77,928,938 million.

MGT Capital Investments Inc (MGTI)

As a stock, MGT Capital Investments Inc (MGTI) has been on an aggressive surge upwards over the last couple of weeks that has seen it reach highs of 0.040. While this surge seems to have lost its steam, this stock can easily break it’s all-time highs off 0.040 in the coming days or weeks.

With this in mind, this might just be the ideal spot for anyone thinking about MGT Capital Investments Inc (MGTI) something other investors have noticed thus the increase in volume traded. Currently, MGT Capital Investments Inc’s (MGTI) volume stands at 58,484,882 million.

N/B: Content shared on this post is for information purposes only and should not constitute investment or financial advice.

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