RDAR: Stopping Cyberbullying in its Tracks

If you are the parent of a child suffering from cyberbullying, then you know how important it is to find creative ways to prevent it from happening. Cyberbullying is not only damaging, it poses a real threat to many children. From depression and social anxiety to possibly suicide, the consequences of cyberbullying are severe. Raadr, Inc. (RDAR) is one of the few companies that is actively trying to prevent cyberbullying using its app RAADR.

Studies on cyberbullying found that 95% of US teens are online, with most of them using the internet daily for school, social media, and gaming. As a result, teens are more exposed to bullying and harassment than their parents ever were. Since the internet’s anonymity makes it easier to get away with bullying, almost 59% of US teens are reported to have experienced cyberbullying.

Cyberbullying can take many different forms ranging from name-calling, rumor spreading, and even physical threats. This is where companies like RDAR enter in by utilizing its app to fight online harassment. Through RAADR, students, parents, and school districts are able to monitor bullying and other threats in real time by using the app’s tools to search for harmful keywords.

After downloading the app, parents are able to upload their child’s photo, enter their social media addresses, and submit keywords to the app. After this, parents receive real time image and keyword alerts that help them protect their children from cyberbullying in all its forms. Considering that 15% of young victims of cyberbullying suffer in silence, RAADR could be the solution for parents and school districts wishing to discreetly protect children from these threats. 

RAADR can have a revolutionary impact on children’s lives since the app allows people to interact more confidently and comfortably online. Given the incredible amount of funding and public awareness campaigns dedicated to combating cyberbullying, RAADR could be the solution for schools and communities looking to stop it before it starts. 

Currently the company is working to attract over 100 thousand users this year and to achieve this goal RDAR is forming an athletic advisory panel made up of current and former professional athletes. Given that school athletes are often subjected to cyberbullying and even death threats on social media, they are great advocates for the app. This panel could help bring awareness to not only cyberbullying, but the solutions RAADR brings to the table. 

Currently bottomed out, this stock could be worth watching for PR and updates as the company builds the capital necessary to start advertising its app.

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