RDAR: At the Forefront of Metaverse Safety

Considering the rapid growth of social media use among teens, cyberbullying has increased significantly. Statistics from 2017 show that Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat lead social media platforms in cyberbullying and their growth was only accelerated by the pandemic. The period of isolation and loneliness created by quarantines and national lockdowns led to an influx of new users but also an expected spike in acts of cyberbullying. 

Considering the national campaign led by the former First Lady – “Be Best” – and the countless awareness programs targeting cyberbullying such as STOMP Out Bullying, it’s clear that cyberbullying is considered a national issue that puts the lives and wellbeing of young people at risk. In light of this urgent need, Raadr, Inc. (RDAR) is introducing its disruptive app RAADR to fight this threat.

Through RAADR, parents upload their children’s photos, enter their social media accounts, and add targeted keywords to receive alerts whenever these words are used against their children. Given that cyberbullying is often difficult to detect, RAADR can offer a layer of protection to parents and their children. Moreover, the app allows school districts to monitor cyberbullying and other threats in real time which shows the app’s potential to be marketed to school districts and private schools as a tool to monitor threats against their students.

The technology behind RAADR has a number of applications and is revolutionary in its ability to put parents in control rather than relying on the often weak assistance offered by social media platforms. Unable to detect the majority of cyberbullying acts, these social media giants are often swamped with cases of harassment – preventing them from effectively detecting threats to individual users. In light of this, RDAR could be a buyout candidate if other platforms wish to utilize its technology to monitor offenses within their community.

Considering this upside potential, investors are watching closely as the company expands the capabilities of its technology to include NFTs and other metaverse related threats. On this note, the company has highlighted the potential for NFTs to be used by child pornography distributors and RADR has already begun crawling blockchain networks to integrate RAADR’s suite of machine learning code to scan for certain types of NFT content. 

Commenting on this new venture Jacob Dimartino, the CEO of RAADR, Inc., explained that , “NFTs will be the next platform to endanger children through the sale of illicit and embarrassing photos via NFTs and it is essential that we are not behind the curve on these capabilities for our suite of apps.

Although the company is still in the first stages of expanding its technology into the metaverse, RAADR is positioning itself to become a pioneer in metaverse safety. We anticipate more news on the company’s initiatives as promised by its CEO so investors should be watching RDAR closely this month. A major catalyst for the company will undoubtedly be the launch of its app in the App store.

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