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There have been several recent catalysts, already discussed in GTOR’s weekly updates in the form of their “Management Report,” that is released each week.  Definitely read through those, particularly their latest few, if you haven’t already, because they’ve got a lot going on at in present and in the development pipeline.  But, I want to hit on their most recent news release of 1/24, because…..the potential implications are huge. 

So, as stated in an earlier article, for those folks who may not be quite familiar with eSports, you’ve probably heard of things like Fortnite, and the sort of underground world of gaming and gamers who play games individually, with others, and with teams …. all online.  There’s cash prizes, organized competitions, tournaments and the whole nine yards.  Enter in companies like GTOR, that function to assist organizers in helping to develop, plan, promote, register, and administer online gaming events of all kinds.   

In their Management Report released yesterday, January 24th, a few notable items need to be highlighted and emphasized, because the DD is just awesome, including the fact that they grew their Discord membership to over 17,000 participants.  They also recently expanded their gaming and event options, and plan to expand into more of the popular games and events, including an option to play on the go with a mobile game.   In February, they will do their first ever Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel.   So, lots and lots of excitement and engagement opportunities for participants, and more and more advertisers will be drawn to these venues to expand their reach.  This is important, folks, because the Millennial population hasn’t shown the propensity to watch sports, NFL, MLB, soccer, etc., like generations before them, where advertising is so big, so advertisers need to figure out how to get their brands to this generation and generations to come, and this is it here. 

Finally, GTOR President Luis Arce appears to have his thumb on the pulse of “the Metaverse,” and indicated yesterday that the company is in talks with other companies that are already in the Metaverse.  We know from previous announcements, that they intended to bring forth an aggressive acquisitions model to grow the company and expand further into the eSports market.  This. Is. Huge!!!  If they do take their virtual gaming platforms the way of the Metaverse…the potential is just beyond anything we can currently fathom.   

Guys – picture it – giant virtual coliseums where participants from the world over can compete with other participants, and across platforms, even, but also where viewers can interact with one another, and sponsors and advertisers can ensure that their brands reach millions.  This is what GTOR is striving for – virtual integration in engagement.  But not only that, they’re also aiming for an intelligent functionality to capture a skill level ranking method for players; so, playing with equally skilled players, yet also allowing inexperienced players opportunities to develop and advance.   Intelligent design and functionality!  All through the Metaverse – the possibilities of engagement and reach are exponentially limitless with potential and value.  In the world of eSports, companies like GTOR are starting to consider the feasibility of entering the metaverse sphere, and GTOR is actively exploring this route.  Where it will take them remains to be seen, but this writer is willing to take a position and go on this ride with this company!!  Join me, gang – there’s a lot of excitement brewing about this stock!

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