PDPG: Sleeper That’s Gonna Explode

What do TQLB – Torque Lifestyle Brands Inc., GTEH – Supplement Group (GenTech Holdings) and PDPG – Performance Drink Group all have in common? They are all led by the visionary CEO, David Lovatt. Read on for just a few highlights of things that took place with GTEH and TQLB to begin to even understand the potential that this guy brings to PDPG.

As noted elsewhere, GTEH, which is in the Functional Foods and Nutritional Supplements sector, owns and operates the leading Functional Foods brand SINFIT Nutrition, STORM products, and American Metabolix just to name a few of their several brands. The company has also recently announced the signing of popular UFC/ESPN host and lead reporter and NFL/FOX reporter Megan Olivi to serve as Brand Ambassador for GenTech’s Fizzique carbonated protein water.

GTEH has also made some recent new product launches including the above mentioned Fizzique as well as Nature Soothie (herbal supplement lollipops for kids), expanded their distribution reach into Sprouts and Whole Foods as well as multiple chains and small markets across the country.

Finally, GTEH reduced a plan AS and projects revenues upwards of 10 milly or more in 2022. They have been BUSY.

Next, let’s take a look at TQLB and see what the CEO has been doing there.

TQLB, or Torque, manufactures active lifestyle sports nutrition and supplement. The company slammed out 2021 by streamlining operations and focusing on acquisitions for maximum production and profit. They’ve scaled out of a product line, formed well-matched joint venture partnerships, initiated the construction of a 20,000 square foot manufacturing facility, and they’ve been securing large purchase orders for some of their brands.

Through their efforts to trim the fat and focus on the muscle of the future, the company was able to raise capital (no dilution!) and set things into motion for increased product output for themselves and others who utilize them to produce their own products (like GNC partner, Glaxon). Zero toxic debt, solid product lines, strong and growing partnerships…….this is the stuff that the CEO has been doing lately.

This dude has been BUSY!

PDPG has been quiet since their initial filings in late April of 2021. Things are brewing, and judging by the fantastic catalysts that have been taking place within both GTEH and TQLB, one can only wonder what the CEO has up his sleeve for PDPG. The PDPG website states “Get ready! We are working on something really cool.” Trust and believe, I do. This microfloat sleeper is going to explode here soon, guys. Are you ready? Let’s go!

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