PDPG: Gearing Up to Spring into Action!

2022 is the Year of the Tiger, and for many in various Asian countries and those for whom celebrating the Lunar New Year is part of their culture, February 1, 2022 marks the start of the season of birth and renewal.  I can’t think of a more apt metaphor than a season of birth and renewal to use when considering PDPG, the Performance Drink Group, which quietly undertook several actions last spring, signifying big things to come. 

Back in late April 2021, PDPG was birthed through filing a name and ticker change, canceling a planned Reverse Split, going pink current and verifying their profile.   This micro floater (only 380k!) has drawn a lot of eyes onto this stock, especially when the company set up their website with the landing page stating simply “Get ready!  We are working on something really cool.”  The suspense since has been palpable across Fintwit and the boards, with folks speculating what could possibly be going on behind the scenes. 

What do we know?  A few things.  Regarding the float, the important thing to note here is that company officers own the majority of shares.  Further, the company has been working on an acquisition, which is yet to be revealed.  Things have been fairly quiet since late April, but there’s been a recent uptick in stock activity when we saw the share price go from .225 in late December to it’s current almost .40 (.3975), nearly double in a few weeks. 

Things are brewing, and like a tiger poised to jump into action to get some steak, so too is PDPG.  One gets the feeling that things are building up, and any day there will be a huge announcement, which will take this microfloater to the moon.  Are YOU paying attention?  I’d not be without shares on this one!

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