Nuts and Bolts: Laying the Groundwork for an Upward Reverse Climb

Stratera Biopharma (STAB) just issued a press release detailing their financial activity for the fiscal year 2021, and in it are some key indicators that they’ve been laying the groundwork to climb back up toward their $4 plus NASDAQ share price.  There’s a lot of potential in this stock, based on their recent efforts, including an acquisition and securing IRB approvals to continue to advance their promising clinical trials research endeavors.

Make no mistake about it – this stock was trading at over $4 just a mere three months ago, and at almost $7 a year ago.  Stratera had a quieter year 2021, as they were focusing on the acquisition of ImQuest Life Sciences and its subsidiaries, which is an R & D firm that concentrates efforts on cancer, inflammation and infectious disease therapies.   Acquisition expenses and increased operational and administrative costs associated with increasing their scope, and expenses to continue to advance their promising clinical trial efforts have all had the company having to dig deeper into their pockets in 2021.  That was expected and intended, and as CEO Michael K. Handley noted, the company’s efforts have them “well-positioned to achieve numerous milestones in 2022. Following the recent submission to the FDA of our Phase 3 clinical trial protocol for STAT-201 in the treatment of pediatric Crohn’s Disease, we plan to use proceeds from our recent registered direct offering to initiate patient enrollment in the second quarter. Additionally, use of proceeds will include the enrollment of patients with acute COVID-19 infection in our STAT-205 study, from which we are targeting to have preliminary data this year.”

It appears the stock share price is at or near bottom now.  It’s important to note that Stratera is in the last of 3 governmental required clinical trial phases, all of which show incredible promise, for their pediatric Crohn’s Disease treatment research.  This is one to pay close attention to, as with positive results and subsequent FDA approval, this stock will no doubt help STAB return to its former $4+ share prices.

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