$JNSH Could Be A Big Win in 2020

Low market cap stocks are generally volatile, but here’s a company that you should keep in mind. The movements of the market of this company have been growing at a steady and healthy rate. This is another company that I would recommend you keeping on your watchlist. 

The entry point seems safe, but hey – let’s jump to the due diligence, so you can get an idea of what this company is all about. If you haven’t heard of JNS Holdings Corporation, you’re going to want to read this.

JNS Holdings Coporation / $JNSH

First of all – JNS Holdings is one of those companies that focuses on creating solid growth for investors through expansion and securing future contracts with other companies. With these contracts, the growth of $JNSH doesn’t seem impossible especially at such a low market cap.

Upon checking the website, JNS Holdings has a section for its list of subsidiaries. You will find JNS Power & Control System, Inc, S&H Leasing Inc., and Evolve USA Charging Corporation. After finding the list, I went a little further into my research and found the information on each listed company.

  • JNS Power & Control System, Inc.: The first on the list is JNS Power, which is one of their companies that focus on offering a full range of electrical services. According to the webpage, the company specializes in temperate control installations as well. JNS Power was founded in 2001. For a company that has been around for nearly two decades, the third decade seems positive due to the adoption of electrical vehicles. If you didn’t know, JNS Power is a woman-owned business. 
  • S&H Leasing, Inc.: The second on the list is S&H Leasing. From researching the business, it appears that its location is in 830 Seton Ct. Wheeling, IL. While doing research, I couldn’t find much information. If you do your due diligence, just keep in mind that there’s another company with the same business name.
  • Evolve USA Charging Corporation: The last one on the list of subsidiaries is Evolve USA Charging Corporation. According to an article from Business Wire, this company is known to be one of the largest independent owner, operator, and provider of electric vehicle charging stations. Knowing this is great especially when we’re in a time when people and governments are beginning to adopt electric vehicles. 

The information that most stood out to me the most is how they’re working with electric vehicles. As we all know it – it’s the future. As investors, you see the news on a daily basis. Even the stock market is moving in a positive direction for electric cars.

JNS Holdings Corporation / $JNSH Market Cap, Volume, & Share Value

At the time of writing this investment idea guide (August 2nd, 2020), $JNSH closed at $0.0058 several days ago. Since I’m gathering the market data from Yahoo Finance, the stats for its 52-week range shows that $JSNH’s lowest share value was at $0.0053 comparing to its highest at $0.0106.

For a company with subsidiaries that focuses on electric vehicles, the market cap at $1.46 million feels undervalued in my opinion. The average volume of this company is approximately 5,700,000 shares traded, which is not too bad for a stock with a market cap this low.

Overall, this seems like a solid company – but keep in mind that it can still be volatile due to the low market cap. Definitely keep this one on your watch list to see its future movements.

Note: Please don’t purchase this stock base on the due diligence I gave you. This $JNSH guide is to help investors with new ideas. Always do your due diligence before purchasing any stocks.


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