Is RDAR the next CZNI?

Founded in 2012, Raadr Inc. (OTC: RDAR) has been busy developing a solution to a problem faced by over half of parents in the US. Despite such a huge market facing the same problem, so far no one has achieved a serious position in this market. 

It’s important to realize that cyberbullying is affecting over 50% of adolescents and teens. In short it’s a crisis, but only 1 in 10 victims tell their parents about it. Raadr is looking to change all of this using its app which doesn’t rely on children who are often too ashamed to tell their parents when cyberbullying occurs.

Designed for parents, Raadr’s anti-bullying app is simple and easy to use so more parents can intervene when their children are being bullied. This gives it an edge over other apps in the Social Media Monitoring market which have complicated user interfaces. 

This market has a lot of potential since major social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter have been unable to prevent cyberbullying on their sites so far. If these media giants can’t find a solution, then it will be up to parents, schools, and law enforcement to curb cyberbullying in their own communities. 

Right now, Raadr’s team of engineers are monitoring cyberbullying trends but the company plans on using machine learning to develop algorithms over the next 12 to 18 months that will learn and adapt to these new threats. 

Once the RAADR 2.0 app is approved by IOS, the company intends to launch a subscription marketing campaign with the goal of reaching 10 thousand subscriptions at $4.95 a month. This would generate a monthly revenue stream of $49,500 if the company achieves its goal.

In the future, Raadr will begin tiered pricing and based on the market for social media monitoring, the company is projecting between $1.7 and $2.9 million within the first year if it attracts 50 thousand subscriptions. Its projected annualized revenue increases steadily after that reaching $71.76 million by the fifth year after attracting 2 million users. 

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Although Raadr’s app has some advantages over others, it’s important to note that this is a very competitive space. In order to beat out the competition, Raadr has been building its Advisory Panel and finding new brand ambassadors to attract users to the app. 

Recently, Raadr has added basketball legend Larry Williams aka the “Bone Collector” to its advisory panel. Williams has worked with RAADR since July 2021 on its strategy but as an NBA contracted trainer and well-known spokesman, Williams could help increase the app’s popularity as its ambassador. Harlem Globetrotter Sam “Zig Zag” Diaz has also joined the advisory panel and plans to use his stardom to help share Raadr’s anti-bullying message. The company’s CEO Jacob Dimartino has been promising major news for several weeks and based on his tweet in May, this upcoming news could be about Rdaar’s plans for a share reduction or to uplist to the OTCQB.

These catalysts could help bring volume to the stock which is currently trading at .0004. Since trip plays have become very hot in the OTC after DCAC’s 132% run and CZNI’s incredible 900% run, RDAR could be one to watch for news.

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