$HMNU Big Contracts and a Small Share Price

Investors cherish penny stocks! The sort of stocks that presents a sign of activity, solid vision, and provides you confidence. Whether you’re brand-new to investing or have the background, this corporation isn’t the one you should underestimate – here’s why.

When you’re investing in a penny stock, your return on investment is out of this world. It can be 10x, 100x, or even 1,000x your initial investment. 

Ordinarily, these types of stocks are low market cap, which indicates that not everyone knows about it yet. You would be considered an early-flowering investor. All of us investors can certainly acknowledge that it’s difficult to trust penny stock company because of its volatility – but HMNU made me take a second look.

Introducing Human Unitec International, Inc. / $HMNU

Established in 2002, Human Unitec International, Inc. is a company that focuses on financing and creating wellness and medical products. This company helps with renewable energy, water desalination, and any products related to energy.

If you didn’t know, the company’s headquarter is located in Miami Beach in Florida. The market cap, value, and factors of Human Unitec International, Inc. caught my attention.

$HMNU Market Cap, Share Price, & Average Volume

Human Unitec International, Inc. Announcements & Press Releases

April 22, 2020: According to Newsfile Corp., Human Unitec International, Inc. made an announcement about one of their developed products, MSK Kinesis Technology for medical and wellness applications.

This product offers modern technology for wellness/medical to be treated. In the same report, $HMNU signed a contract with another notable company, Life Science S.R.L. for the possession of commercial rights in the United States, South America, and Canada.

June 8, 2020: In another article by Newsfile Corp., it was reported that Human Unitec International, Inc. has officially finalized with one of the quickest growing logistics business in Southern Europe. Arquata Logistic Services, a company that’s been growing with the guidance of proven experts with up to 30 years of experience.

We are extremely excited about the acquisition for Arquata Logistics,” said Fabrizio Bosticco, President of Human Unitec International.

Because of this decision, it’s able to add approximately $2.1 million in annual revenues for the company. Without a doubt, the amount of additional revenue will improve the overall future of $HMNU.

June 11, 2020: Human Unitec International, Inc. made a huge announcement several days ago about the purchase agreement for $40,800,800 with according to a report from Newsfile Corp. While there isn’t much information included in the release, it appears to be positive news for investors.

To new and experienced investors,

From my viewpoint and foregoing experiences as an investor, this business illustrates positive hints, which demonstrates why $HMNU is starting to see some daily action. .

If you’re seasoned or fresh to investing, I suggest that you should analyze and examine the ins and out of $HMNU before making any financial move. Remember that this is a non-professional investment guide, not financial guidance. Everything I write is my opinion only and since I own HMNU stock that I purchased on the open market I am hopeful that the share price will increase and I cannot provide unbiased opinions about this company. I may also buy more or completely sell my position at any time.

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