GTEH Knockin’ It Out The Ring With Several Catalysts!

GenTech Holdings (GTEH), has been working hard with several recent actions and announcements that are setting the tone for a strong year ’22 and beyond.  The company recently announced HUGE news with the signing of popular UFC/ESPN host and lead reporter and NFL/FOX reporter Megan Olivi to serve as Brand Ambassador for GenTech’s  Fizzique carbonated protein water.  Dayum …. Megan Olivi!  They’ve also made a few recent product launches and financial maneuvers that will be discussed here. Check it out….

GenTech (which recently applied for a name change with FINRA to “Supplement Group,” that will hopefully be approved by the end of this month if FINRA can get through their backlog), is in the Functional Foods and Nutritional Supplements industry.  They own and operate the leading Functional Foods brand SINFIT Nutrition, STORM products, and American Metabolix just to name a few of their several brands.  Everyone in the fitness and health industries knows about SINFIT, especially.  GTEH’s newest two lines, Fizzique and Nature Soothie are generating tons of interest amongst consumers and shareholders alike.  Fizzique is a flavored carbonated protein water, and Nature Soothie are branded herbal supplement lollipops for kids (adults can enjoy them too LOL).  Anyway, more on that in a bit – gotta get to the big news that was literally just announced yesterday from the time of writing this piece on 1/15!

Who doesn’t love a good UFC bout or hanging with friends at the local bar watching some good old NFL games on Fox, especially when Megan Olivi is commentating? Good times either way!  GTEH was savvy enough to snag Megan Olivi to serve as their Brand Ambassador for their Fizzique line.  She reportedly loves that stuff and is definitely going to help market the drinks not only to her millions of viewers on ESPN and Fox but also to her scores of fans on her multiple social media platforms.  This was a strong play by GenTech, and kudos to their team for creating the product that drew her attention, and for finessing the deal to land her as Fizzique’s brand ambassador.  Again, damn good work there.  Lots of promise and brand recognition to come.

In other areas, GTEH and their SINFIT Nutrition just acquired a 75% controlling stake in Nature Spoon LLC, which makes NatureSoothie, the herbal supplement suckers that address everyday health needs for kids (think anxiety and that sort of thing).  They’re available online and through their Amazon store, and now they’re being distributed in Sprouts stores and soon coming to Whole Foods, which should be available sometime in March.  These days it’s all about health consciousness – parents care about what their kids are eating, and Nature Soothie is exceeding expectations.  Literally each of the Nature Soothie production runs in Q4 21 recently have sold out completely to Sprouts and Whole Foods.  Market penetration is occurring as more and more supermarkets and chains across the country pick up the line.  This has already resulted in a 600% growth in revenue for the line in Q4 21 compared to Q4 20!  Now, with Whole Foods in the picture, this line is just going to continue to explode GTEH’s margins as revenues start coming in Q1 22.

GenTech has also been taking actions as recent as 12/31/21 to reduce their Authorized Share Capital, and have “been working hard to find ways to fund business operations other than the issuance of equity,” according to CEO David Lovatt.  They initially had a Reg A planned 40 billion AS, but were able to get it down to 30.5, which is fairly significant.  They’re paying more attention to shareholder value, and all told, between the Fizzique and Nature Soothie lines, in addition to their other products, such as STORM, etc., GenTech is projecting around $10 million or more in revenues in 2022. 

A note about STORM, by the way, that is worth mentioning is that their CEO, Leonard Armenta just received a “Patriotic Employer” award from the Army Guard and Reserve for supporting and employing civilian soldiers.  GenTech is genius – they are all about good ole Americans – supporting soldiers, having product lines for health-conscious folks, and crafting a presence in the UFC/ESPN and NFL/FOX worlds.  Throw some hot dogs and apple pie in the equation to round it out, baby!  Best put eyes on this or grab a starter in this trips pink current play, with all the catalysts happening.

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