GTEH & its January Breakthrough

In light of its constant expansion efforts, GenTech Holdings (GTEH) is once again stirring talks among investors. To establish itself as an emerging leader in the functional food and nutritional supplement industries, GTEH is known for its many acquisitions. Last august, the company acquired a 75% controlling stake in Nature Spoon, LLC.

Now one of its fastest growing brands, “Nature Soothie” is making headlines after selling over 100 thousand soothies since August – driving exponential growth into the company’s brands.

Leonard K. Armenta Jr. – CEO of SINFIT Nutrition – is excited about “this impressive growth from Nature Soothie”. She believes the brand has so much potential in 2022 especially since “Sprouts and Whole Foods are now stocking the products”. But it doesn’t stop there.. Nature Soothie is also sold all the way from Clark’s Nutritional Centers in California and Harmon’s in Utah and all the way to the Natural Retail Group in Florida.

Because Nature Soothie has already seen over 600% growth between 2020 and 2021, investors are bullish that the other brands could be on the same growth trajectory. This could be very well possible given GTEH’s recent expansion plans of the STORM brand. With orders from several national retailers and regional health store power houses, STORM is now sold throughout a series of retailers both domestically and internationally.

As it focuses on the younger audience, STORM is releasing new flavor types- including the Pre-Workout Blue Raspberry Rage – which is the third-biggest selling item by unit numbers in January.  In addition, the company’s recent collaboration with skateboarding national champion – Dashawn Jordan – as a brand ambassador is proving very beneficial given Dashwan’s credentials. With these efforts, the brand is already seeing a major uptick in its retail sales and is already capturing the attention of many big names in the industry including NIP Fitness, Total Nutrition, OC Discount and Muscle & Strength.

Aside from STORM, GTEH has been focused on growing its Fizzique brand as well. Fizzique recently signed the lead ESPN host and reporter –  Megan Olivi as a brand ambassador. Well-known for her significant number of followers and loyal fans, her involvement could provide greater exposure and reach for Fizzique products resulting in higher sales.

With this in mind, it is clear that January was a successful month for the company which saw impressive unit sales across all its brands. Armenta is most bullish on the growth of the company’s American Metabolix brand as it continues to lead the way with over 3,000 products in sales. However, she believes that “it won’t be long before Fizzique and Storm are fighting for that top spot in the company of most units sold.”

To sustain this growth, GTEH has already applied to FINRA for a name change to Supplement Group (USA) Inc. in October 2021 and anticipates approval for this action in February 2022. If successful, GTEH could see a run-up on the news – which makes now a good time for investors bullish on the company’s growth potential to hop on the bandwagon.

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