GTEH is Skateboarding into Gold with Dashawn Jordan

Taking advantage of the addition of skateboarding in the last Olympics, GenTech Holdings (GTEH) recently signed the skateboarding legend and national champion, Dashawn Jordan. The company is starting 2022 strong with two new ambassadors and a share reduction. GTEH is also launching a bunch of new products to the market. In this article, we would go over why GTEH is believed to be a great stock. Let’s go!

Getting back to the most exciting news, the famous street skater Dashawn has just been added to the long list of Storm Lifestyles’ (GTEH’s athletes’ supplement subsidiary) brand ambassadors. The newest “norm destroyer” is famous for his undeniable talent and being one of the nicest skateboarders in the US (isn’t that precious?). 

Back in 2016 Dashwan started becoming a public’s favorite because just in one year he won Tampa Am (his second major Am win), dropped a heavy part “Next New Wave” for The Skateboard Mag, and eventually was named to be “Year’s Best Am.” If you are like me and don’t have any idea what Tampa Am is, no worries I will tell you, Tampa is a professional skateboarding competition held in Florida, US every year (apparently it’s a big deal). By the next year the skateboarder became even more popular after he competed in the S.L.S Pro Open and got himself a permanent spot on the roster for that year. He also won the Chicago stop as the rookie (which is a bigger deal than the Tampa win!).

More recently he won X-Games Silver TWICE and won X-Games Gold in Men’s Street Skateboarding. His association with GTEH could mean big bucks for the company especially because Dashwan is sponsored by impressive brands like Nike, Toy Machine, Spitfire, Hardies, and Grizzly Grip.

Speaking of brand ambassadors, GTEH also signed another industry legend but this time for its new Fizzique line. Megan Olivi is the famous sports anchor you see on ESPN and Fox and now you will see her as the new face of Fizzique drinks. The company is heavily marketing its sparkling protein water as it has just received an order from UNFI. Which is considered North America’s largest wholesale health and specialty foods distributor.

Since UNFI is a $20 billion revenue company that works with big companies like Whole Foods, Giant Eagle, and Wegmans, Fizzique could become the next big thing in the beverages world. Hoping that its partnership and big order would pay off, GTEH is planning on producing 2 million cans before mid-February and an extra 2 million cans to be reserved on hand for orders by June.

As for the share structure, GTEH recently reduced its shares by nearly 25% and it currently has 30.5 billion AS. Considering all the things we mentioned, the stock might be undervalued and with more Fizzique sales expected, PPS could shoot up. GTEH may not be one of the biggest players in the stock market but it is definitely one of the smartest and most hardworking. The company is dedicated to grow, have a bright future and help its shareholders get rich.

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