GPAQ A Top Notch Spac!

I found another exciting stock!

Time to present you with another stock investment that I believed it’s worthy of mentioning. The volume is rapidly increasing, the movements are strong, and the indicators are revealing signs of it being bullish.

The performance and growth of this company have been outstanding. If you haven’t already heard, Gordon Pointe Acquisition Corp. ($GPAQ) is one of the companies that’s worth holding long-term for. This investment guide will provide you will all the sources you need.

Introducing Gordon Pointe Acquisition Corp. ($GPAQ)

Gordon Pointe Acquisition Corp caught my attention because of the current movements and secondly, the company’s goal. This company was founded with the intention of moving into a merger, centers on stock investments, and operates with related businesses.

$GPAQ’s strategy is solid and interesting because they focus on finding businesses that signal positive movements as well as being in a solid position. The strategy they’re taking is to find prestigious businesses that can provide with heavy returns when invested.

While this idea is unique, I’ve gathered data and information to let you judge this market for yourself.

Gordon Pointe Acquisition Corp. ($GPAQ) Market Cap, Price, & Volume

Since the start of June 2020, the value of  $GPAQ was $11 and now is $13.15 according to Yahoo Finance. At the beginning of March 2020, the value was less than $11. The volume started to increase (arrow pointing in the chart) over the last few weeks, which definitely shows that new interests are entering the market for $GPAQ.

According to MarketWatch, here are the performances of $GPAQ within the last year:

1 Year Period – Increased by 26.21%

3-Month Period – Increased by 25.78%

1-Month Period – Increased by 18.64%

5-Day Period – Increased by 17.04%

At the time of writing this investment guide, the market cap of $GPAQ is $78.28 million with a daily volume of 108,700. As you can see, $GPAQ has been climbing and hitting the green candles for the longest time now, and it’s continuing to do so.

With the current news within the last few months, this explains the drastic jump to over $13 a share.

Gordon Pointe Acquisition Corp. ($GPAQ) News Report

May 11th, 2020: Posted by PR Newswire, $GPAQ announced the increase in contribution to trust account post-extension approval. The company mentioned that its public offering is being increased from $0.03 to $0.04, which is a 25% increase.

June 5th, 2020: Posted by PR Newswire, $GPAQ scheduled a notable meeting to vote on a business combination with HOF Villa, LLC.

More information about this meeting:

  • This meeting will take place on June 30th, 2020.
  • It’s scheduled to start at 10 AM EST.
  • The location of this meeting will be at Fox Rothschild LLP, at 2000 Market Street, 20th Floor in Philadephia, Pennsylvania 19103.

During this meeting, there will be discussions of the previously announced agreement, merges, HOF Village, etc.

June 12th, 2020: Posted by PR Newswire, HOF Village, LLC announced an agreement to obtain the professional fantasy football league. They are interested in “The Crown League,” and are planning to rebrand it under the HOFV branch.

  • HOFV (HOF Village, LLC) is part of a definitive business branch with $GPAQ

After acquiring more information about this company, I have high hopes and confidence in $GPAQ’s long term growth. From all of the data I’ve gathered, the positive signals definitely outweigh the negative.

Part of my research was reading through their SEC Filings, events, press releases, and media coverages. Here’s a list of them all to help provide you with an idea of what I learned.

NoteThis is an investment guide to help you with finding a company worth looking at. This isn’t financial advice. You should always analyze the market and do your research before making any decisions.

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