$GLBS: Their Offering Might Be Our Opportunity

One of the positive signals for dealing with the volatility of the penny stock market is when a business releases a PR (press release) in regard to an offering, which causes the market to oversell – this leads to a dip in the market. 

While it appears like a critical trade because you’re uncertain when the next offering will occur, investors are advised to set a stop order to lessen the risk and minimize their average. After a back-to-back public and direct offering, it appears that this company is currently at the perfect entry point for many short-term traders. 

Globus Maritime Limited or $GLBS is currently at its 52-week low with strong buy support. Before we get into the stats of this company, let’s give you a brief summary:

Introducing Globus Maritime Limited

Globus Maritime Limited, a shipping dry bulk company that provides the need for marine transportation services on a global scale. Globus Maritime Limited was founded in 2006 with offices located in Athens, Greece. At the moment, this company currently has four vessels that can carry a capacity of over 300,000 DWT. The aim of Globus Maritime Limited is to acquire vessels that can provide a higher ROI over the years.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the demand for shipping isn’t quite as high as before.

Globus Maritime Limited / $GLBS Share Value, Volume, And Market Cap

At the time of writing this post, $GLBS is currently at its 52-week low sitting at $0.273 per share. The market cap for this company is $12.515 million with an average daily volume of $4,401,433. The latest volume is at $59,069,238 according to Yahoo Finance, which presents investors an early opportunity to enter at this range. While there are risks involved due to the company being volatile, it’s recommended to set a stop order after purchasing to minimize the risk of another crash.

According to StockTwits and MarketWatch, users and artificial intelligence are displaying bullish and purchasing signals. While not everyone or platform is accurate, it’s most beneficial to do your own due diligence because every investor has their own unique way of doing due diligence. Since the beginning of June 2020, a number of reports regarding Globus Maritime Limited have been published.

Globus Maritime Limited News And Announcements

June 12th, 2020: Posted by GlobeNewswire, Globus Maritime Limited released its financial results for the first quarter which ended on March 31st, 2020. During the first quarter, the expenses of the voyages reached $1.4 million, which is an improvement when comparing to last year’s ($500,000). For more information, click on the link in this paragraph for validation of this information.

June 18th, 2020: Posted by GlobeNewswire, Globus Maritime Limited made an announcement about a public offering at $0.35 per share. Immediately, this brought the value from $0.64 to $0.34 causing panic from investors.

June 22nd, 2020: Posted by GlobeNewswire, the company Globus Maritime Limited announced the closing of its public offering. After the offering was closed, the value increased by around $0.03-0.04 in value. The unfortunate news is that numerous investors bought this dip without the realization of a private offering.

June 26th, 2020: Posted by GlobeNewswire, the article reported Globus Maritime Limited announcing a private offering to institutional investors. The offering for these investment companies was at $0.27, in which led to a massive drop in value due to a panic dump. This event led to its 52-week low, which is a perfect entry for investors to hop in on the bottom or average out.

Overall View:

While it may seem risky and dangerous for numerous investors due to the company’s back-to-back offering announcement, there’s no doubt that the entry point is nearly perfect. If investment companies are purchasing $GLBS at $0.27, then it’s safe to assume that you’re safe as well. Otherwise, they wouldn’t be purchasing a large amount at that number if there weren’t any profits. Another piece of info worth mentioning is that the buy support at $0.27 is pretty sizeable. Investors are recommended to reduce the risk by setting a stop order.

To give you an idea, setting a stop order at 5% less than the average market value is honestly better than losing 20~50% of your investments when bad news arises. The price target for $GLBS with the current stats it’s at, it’s safe to assume that’ll slowly climb back up to 0.29~0.33 this week.

Note: This is an investment guide for Global Maritime Limited, and not a post to make your financial decision. Please do your due diligence if you’re planning to invest.

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