GenTech Holdings & Storm Lifestyles

There’s many things that can be placed in an article about GenTech Holdings (GTEH), however one of the most important factors that could lead to its success is its team’s dedication to bring shareholders value and grow the company’s brands. Blessed with a hardworking management team, GTEH has been making headlines a lot in the past few months. As it establishes itself as a market leader through its multiple subsidiaries – including the fast growing Storm Lifestyles brand – the company seems like it’s heading towards great success. You should check out this article to know why!

GTEH is currently focused on growing through developing and selling its own products as well as adopting a growth by acquisition model. For years, GTEH has been known to bring quality nutritious food and beverages for the community. As a result the company has an impressive portfolio that is filled to the brim with brands aiming to serve the health conscious sector.

Through its products and subsidiaries, GTEH has seen tremendous financial growth over the years. The most recent filings show that the company has over $4 million cash on hand, $5 million in revenues, and a gross profit of more than $20 thousand. Even though the company is operating at a net loss of $438 thousand (hold your horses that’s great for an OTC company) this is a significant increase as it had a net loss of over $2 million in the quarter before that. All this resulted in GTEH’s management anticipating an even bigger growth rate in 2022. The company believes that its revenues could reach up to $10 million this year and it guarantees that revenues will at least exceed the $7 million mark. 

This growth could be due to many reasons but as long as we are talking about numbers let’s take a look at the stock’s structure. GTEH is trying to shape up and recently initiated a buyback and share reduction getting its authorized shares down from 40 billion shares to 30.5 billion shares. On that note the company promised its shareholders that in the future it would try to “find alternative ways to fund business operations other than the issuance of equity.” Additionally the stock has a market cap of $18 million, 692 million restricted shares and an average trading volume of $203 million. 

With the Covid-19 scare disappearing as time passes, the company is extremely happy (Duh who isn’t?) as it expects this could lead to an increase in sales. Why would the pandemic affect GTEH? That’s an easy question, people are health conscious now more than ever and with gyms and sports facilities reopening their doors more people would want to get their hands on the nutritional GTEH products.   

After saying all that, it’s important to mention that there are many other factors contributing to the growth of GTEH. For instance the company has an impressive list of brand ambassadors that endorse its wide range of products and it has multinational suppliers and hypermarkets stocking their shelves with GTEH’s goods. The stock seems to be undervalued at the moment which could be a great opportunity for investors that like what they see in GTEH to hop on!

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