GenTech Holdings is Shaking Things Up in the Beverage Market

GenTech Holdings (GTEH) is famous for its mission to supply the world with quality food and beverages. The company has several subsidiaries working hard to achieve this goal including Storm Lifestyles, SINFIT Nutrition, and American Metabolix. Recently GTEH came out with a new line of refreshing protein drinks called Fizzique that got the company some much appreciated attention. Let’s take a look at what GTEH has been up to in the first month of 2022.

In the past few days, Fizzique, the new protein drink, made GTEH gain a lot of momentum as it just received its first distribution order from a Midwest location of T&A Distribution. To learn why Fizzique has been getting the company all that attention, let me tell you a little about the product. The sparkling protein water comes in multiple flavors all of which has zero sugar and only 70 calories per can. It also contains 15g protein per can and is gluten, fat and GMO free. 

Meanwhile based in Chicago, Illinois, T&A is well-known for owning popular stores including but not limited to Plaza Health, Core Supplements, Health Kick and Fitness Formula Clubs. Commenting on this news, Todd Daskowski (T&A’s CEO) said that he believes that “Fizzique is a one-of-a-kind product” and working with GTEH was “an easy decision to make.” It’s always nice to hear that a big shot CEO believes in the future of a company you are investing in.  

This order followed the UNFI order, which put GTEH on big distributors’ radar. As UNFI is a $20 billion revenue company that supplies stores, such as Whole Foods, Raley’s, and Safeway. To be able to deliver on all the orders that are pooling in, GTEH is planning on producing around 4 million cans in total by the mid of the year. By next month 2 million cans (out of the total 4) are planned to be ready to go. 

The company also previously signed up Vitacost and the Kroger digital team to offer Fizzique to their customer base. If you are wondering why the ecommerce vitamin and supplement supplier, Vitacost, and the retail company, Kroger, are in the same deal, you are not alone. Many people don’t know that in 2014 Kroger acquired Vitacost to enter the e-commerce, organics, and supplements markets. Now back to Fizzique, although this Vitacost deal is not as impressive as the other two previously mentioned, it’s important that the drink becomes popular with smaller distributors. Because this could help the Fizzique brand to grow and have market acceptance. 

Focusing on growth, GTEH has tapped into a number of other promising sectors via its brands. Such as the Keto industry that is projected to reach $15.6 billion by 2027 and the protein food market that is expected to become at least a $70 billion market by 2025.

Aside from operating through its successful subsidiaries, GTEH also develops its own products. In fact, the company is collaborating with cacao and coffee farmers in South America to produce top of the notch brazilian coffee and colombian tea in various flavors. 

It’s also important to mention that the company expects to get a minimum of $7 million in revenues this year (wow are we sure this is an OTC company?). All the latest news is very reassuring that GTEH could really achieve that goal and with all that growth who knows maybe it will be expecting to double that number in the following year.

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