$GTEH – Very Low Market Cap? (Congrats, You’re An Early Investor)

After exploring and digging through various OTC stocks, GenTech Holdings, Inc. known by the ticker $GTEH stood out with its extremely low market cap.

Is $GTEH a hidden beast preparing for an explosion?

Well before we even consider it a hidden beast, let’s go over and see what the company does.

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Read this before continuingPlease note that the information provided by Garbage2Gucci.com isn’t to help investors make financial decisions. It’s always recommended that readers (you) should do their due diligence and invest at their own risk. We help provide market ideas – not financial advice.

What Is GenTech Holdings, Inc.?

GenTech Holdings, Inc. is an America-based business that focuses on creating a chain of coffee shops with coffee/tea that is mixed with CBD.

Not only that but they’re also building an outreach program focusing and working with the medical practitioners throughout the United States.

The company’s mission is to bring awareness showing the benefits of CBD products that are THC-free.

GenTech Holdings, Inc. Market Summary

Chart from Yahoo Finance

According to the information provided by Yahoo Finance, $GTEH is currently at $0.0008 per share, which is incredibly low at the moment. The average trading volume comes out to be around 30,000,000 traded shares per day.

As of October 21st. 2020, the number of shares traded increased by over 4x. Within the first four hours of the market opening, the number of traded shares are now at 135,000,000+

As for the market cap, it’s at $918 according to Yahoo Finance. While it’s not 100% accurate, it’s worth knowing that not many investors are hearing about $GTEH just yet.

From the looks of it, this company seems to be a hidden beast. Definitely keep it on your watchlist.

Additional Info

For other information about the company, you can follow up with them below:

Recent Press Release

Recently, the company released a press released announcing a deal with TruLife Distribution. This deal will help GenTech move forward because it’ll drive growth in SINFIT digital sales.

TruLife Distribution excels in the marketing world, distribution, and e-commerce services in the food marketplace.

From Garbage2Gucci,

From the looks of it, GenTech Holdings, Inc. seems to be a great watch for OTC stock lovers. Please don’t make your financial decision based on this post.

The market cap for this company is extremely low, which means not many investors know about this company quite just yet. 

Keep an eye on it!

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