From Artesian Water to Hemp Water

Greene Concepts (INKW) popped up on a lot of investor radar screens recently when it had a sharp volume and share price increase in the first week of January this year, leaping from .006 to doubling over at .0135, settling into a nice .0115 at the time of this writing on 1/15.  Intrigued by the uptick in activity, it was time to do some digging to see what this company was about.  

INKW is in the $22 billion beverage industry, and their main product line for INKW is their BE WATER premium bottled water.  If you are familiar with BE WATER, then you’ll know we’re talking quality water that is ethically obtained from springs and artesian wells that are fed from a natural aquifer beneath the Blue Ridge Mountains.  Nothing like pure, fresh-tasting water after a hard workout, a hike in the mountains or a run on the beach.  The company has the capacity to produce approximately 8 million cases of this water per year, and just been able to establish a bigger presence in New England via a partnership that was forged between H20 Artesian, a BE WATER distributor, with Horizon Beverage, which is the second largest liquor distributor in New England.  There’s also been several recent large purchase orders to distribute the product in Florida and elsewhere throughout the country.

The company carries a peace and light zen vibe on their website, with an image of clear pristine waters surrounded by mountains and pine trees, and a focus on health consciousness and elements of Taoism, so it makes absolutely perfect sense for them to venture into the relatively new hemp infused beverage sector.  It’s a groovy transition, and the segue has resulted in the development of their Happy Mellow immune supporthemp-infused beverages (scheduled for release sometime in early 2022) and their STAY CBD Hemp Sports Beverage line to help meet consumer demand for more health-conscious product offerings.  The STAY beverages contain fast acting CBD, CBN, and CBG and come in tantalizing flavors including Charcoal Berry, Plum Punch, Blood Orange Acai, Tropic Turmeric, Lemon Lime, and Pineapple Mint.  When lined up in a row, the bottles look like the rainbow, with pure, clear colors.  The bottle packaging, colors, and flavor names really do set the stage for making consumers want to run out and buy it and taste it!  Ok, who would have thought to pair charcoal with berry? It sounds intriguing, no doubt! 

The company is further feeding the hemp-beverage intrigue of the consumer and shareholder by just recently offering an opportunity to buy STAY hemp water pre-launch for only a buck.  They want to forge relationships with their investors and interested people by giving them an early and cost reduced chance to sample the product.  Pretty clever!  Can’t wait to try it, and Charcoal Berry is going to be the first one I taste, followed by pineapple mint!  This isn’t the place for taste testing and product reviews, so I’ll stick with the fact that the hemp infused beverage sector is projected to reach nearly 20 billion dollars globally in just a few short years, and North America is definitely at the top of the charts there. 

In early January, INKW CEO Lenny Greene announced that the company has been working to settle toxic debt with no dilution, and has just announced the opening of a brokerage account and funded it with the aim to buy back stock and retire shares. This is a company that can produce 192 million bottles of BE WATER a year, with the capacity to expand, is a revenue-generating company, has recently launched into the hemp-infused beverage industry to capture a larger share of the multi-billion-dollar market, and has plans to develop additional products to increase revenues for the years ahead.  The recent interest in INKW has just been supercalifragilistiexpialidocious, dudes; check it out!

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