Does $DMAN Have What It Takes?

One penny stock that’s been gaining incredible traction and volume at the moment is Demand Brands, Inc. ($DMAN). Demand Brands is definitely worth keeping on your watchlist especially when the momentum has been increasing.

Before I go further into details about the market summary, you’d probably want to read about Demand Brands and what their focus is as a company.

Demand Brands, Inc. ($DMAN)

If you didn’t know yet, Demand Brands, Inc. is one of those companies that focuses on the promotion of healthy lifestyles. To give you an idea, the company operates in:

  • Health / Wellness
  • Cannabis
  • Canadia Popcorn

While they operate in numerous interesting fields, this provides opportunities for the betterment and future of this company.

Currently, these are the officers and executives of Demand Brands:

  • Shannon Cravey – Chairman
  • Craig Fischer – Chief Executive Officer & Director
  • Richard W. Barber – Chief Financial Officer & Director

Demand Brands, Inc. Share-Value, Market Cap, And Volume

At the moment, the price for $DMAN is $0.0044 since closing on Friday (July 24th, 2020). The volume on Friday was over 3x stronger than the average volume at 4,672,974 shares. 

This indicates positive signs for numerous investors especially when $DMAN is currently a low market cap penny stock sitting at $1.694 million.

Within the last 12 months, there have been news reports worth mentioning.

Demand Brands, Inc. News And Press Release

September 10th, 2019: Published by GlobeNewswire, the report mentioned that Demand Brands acquired GEOEnhanced Technologies in what’s called a share exchange. Demand Brands, Inc. obtained 100% interest from GEOEnhanced Technologies, which is also known as $GEO in the stock market. 

To give you an idea about GEOEnhanced Technologies, this is a company that was founded about 4 years ago in 2016 with the goal of bringing 4D seismic imaging system. 

The imaging system focuses on:

  • Oil
  • Gas
  • Mineral
  • Water Exploration

The opportunity to acquire GEO is something the company could not pass up,” said Bruce Hannan, CEO of Demand Brands.

September 17th, 2019: Published by GlobeNewswire, it was reported that one of Demand Brands’ investment, GEOEnhanced Technologies completed technology demonstrations in North and South Dakota Native tribal lands.

When the test was demonstrated, it displayed the effectiveness of $GEO’s technology.

The tribal council is very interested in knowing what lies below the surface of their land and, in fact, has U.S. federal grant money allocated specifically for that purpose,” said Adrian Garcia, Vice President of Science and Development for GEOEnhanced.

The technology can reach as low as 40,000 feet. Since the release of this report, the company mentions that they’re focusing on getting long-term contracts to use the technology on 1.5 million acres of the land.

January 24th, 2020: Published by Newsfile Corp., Demand Brands’ investment, GEOEnhanced Technologies stated that they’ve engaged in a patent attorney to prepare and file intellectual property claims.

Around the time this report was announced, Demand Brands was preparing to file at least five new patent applications. 

Our design and research team has been very active over the last two years perfecting our electro-seismic surveying system,” said Craig Fischer, CEO of Demand Brands.

Overall, $DMAN is one of those hidden penny stocks that’s worth keeping on your watchlist. Especially with the current volume that it’s currently at, the possibility of a potential breakout is imaginable. 

Note: Please understand that this article was researched and written in my point of view. This idea guide isn’t to help investors make financial decisions. It’s recommended that investors do their own due diligence before making such decisions.


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