$CCXX: Birdie or Bogey with Topgolf?

Finding the right companies to invest in can be quite overwhelming for many investors, and it’s understandable. Fortunately, this investment guide filled with due diligence will provide you with another company that I believe it’s worth adding to your watchlist. If you’re into special purpose acquisition companies with highly bullish signals, then you’re going to want to hear about $CCXX.

About – Churchill Capital Corp lll ($CCXX)

Churchill Capital Corp ll is best described as a special purpose acquisition company (SPAC). Special purpose acquisition companies are generally known as blank check companies, which has plans to become public with a goal of merging with the interests of the SPAC’s initial public offering.

This company raised $690 million during its IPO in 2019 and now listed on the NYSE. According to the website, Churchill Capital Corp ll claims to have a positive track record with great opportunities for the betterment of its future. Let’s take a look at $CCXX’s market summary.

Market Summary – Churchill Capital Corp lll ($CCXX)

July 17th, 2020 – At the time of compiling the information and doing my due diligence, $CCXX closed today on Friday at $11.97 per share according to Yahoo Finance. The rating of this company shows that it’s bullish – but let’s see why.

At the moment, the market cap of $CCXX is $1.646 billion with an average volume of 1,141,028 shares. Since opening on Monday until closing, the volume has been 10x the amount. $CCXX closed today at 10,205,068 in volume, which shows that there are huge interests in this company at the moment. The performance outlook for the next 2-6 weeks seems positive.

Let’s take a look at their performance from data pulled from MarketWatch.


  • 5-Day Period – 10.73%
  • 1-Month Period – 16.78%
  • 3-Month Period – 22.52%

Here are the recent news and PR in regards to $CCXX:

July 12th, 2020: Published by PR Newswire, it was reported that MultiPlan and Churchill Capital Corp lll made an agreement to combine with each other. MultiPlan is a market-leading company that focuses on technology-enabled services of healthcare costs for management solutions. It was also mentioned that MultiPlan will soon be listed on the NYSE.

July 15th, 2020: Published by Newsfile Corp., it was reported that Levi Korsinsky, LLP announced to investors whether the merger of Churchill Capital Corp lll with MultiPlan is fair to shareholders. Do you think this merger is fair?

For the last six months, Churchill Capital Corp lll has been climbing at a steady rate up until July 2020 when the uptrend and volume increased higher than ever.

Additional Information To Keep In Mind:

  • The 52-week range for $CCXX is at $9.66 – $12.93
  • The volume has been 10x the average volume

An article was published today at 7:33 PM PST on Bloomberg about Topgolf being a potential merger with Churchill Capital.

According to Bloomberg, it was mentioned that there were only ‘talks’ about this merger. An anonymous individual mentioned that “Churchill is seeking to raise additional equity as part of the deal.”

If the rumors and leaked information turns out to be true, then we could potentially see an uptrend. Since then, Topgolf made a response to these rumors saying “as a private company, we do not comment on market speculation.”

Overall, with all of the information and speculations – this company seems to be a great potential for a long-term hold. Definitely keep this one on your watchlist.

What do you think?

NoteThis Churchill Capital Corp. article shouldn’t be used as financial advice for investors. This is all speculations, data pulled from stock websites, and opinions based on what I’ve found. You should always do your due diligence before making any risks.


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