BTDG Strikes Hard and Scores BIG!

WOW!  Did you see yesterday’s news?  BTDG (B2 Digital or B2), a live event sports company that focuses largely on MMA events and fitness facilities that supports fighters in the industry, scored a sweet victory in their acquisition of Spartan Fitness, marking the company’s forays into the world of Jiu-Jitsu.  This. Is. Huge.  For many reasons – read on!

The CEO and Chairman of BTDG, Greg P. Bell, is thinking big, with linking the popular Spartan Fitness brand with BTDG, resulting in a powerhouse MMA/Jiu Jitsu entity.  The acquisition of just one facility to date this year has ALREADY doubled BTDG’s revenues on their fitness side of the balance sheets, and they are working on another acquisition, almost completed.  Their strategic plans include an extremely robust multiple-acquisition effort going forward, the goal of which is to land 20 fitness locations within the next three years.  This will no doubt combine the Spartan/BTDG name as they establish a stronghold in the MMA/Jiu Jitsu arena.

Greg P. Bell gives kudos where kudos is due and acknowledges that Spartan Fitness owner and Marine veteran Chris Conolley has contributed much to the development of the sport through his own long-time practice as an MMA fighter and coach.  Conolley will be joining the B2Digital Executive leadership team to help shepherd the company’s training facilities acquisitions into the BTDG/Spartan Fitness brands.  A future conglomerate will be had with these efforts, especially since they aim to focus acquisitions in cities where they already have a presence with B2 Fighting Series events on the books.  Market infiltration, target participation, and audience reach will be vast. 

BTDG has established itself as a premier live events sports company, had multiple recent sold-out events, generates a solid revenue stream, has landed this significant acquisition with Spartan Fitness and key executive, Chris Conolley, has a three-year plan for multiple more acquisitions.  All of this leads to exponential growth (as was already demonstrated in month one of their most recent acquisitions)!!  

Great share structure here and a market cap of appx 4 million.  I’ve grabbed shares on this one; currently trading at .033 and heading toward copper, no doubt.   

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