GTEH Leading the Way with Brand Ambassadors

As an emerging leader in the functional food and nutritional supplement industries, Gentech Holdings, Inc. (OTC:GTEH) operates several brands through its subsidiary, SINFIT Nutrition. To deliver on its core vision of supplying communities with quality food and beverages, the company adopted an aggressive growth-by-acquisition model besides the development of its own products. Currently trading at $.0007, GTEH has the potential for tremendous growth given the company’s constant expansion efforts.

The company has been making headlines for the past few weeks, however, it recently caught investors’ attention after signing the skateboarding national champion – Dashawn Jordan – as a brand ambassador for its athletes’ supplement subsidiary – Storm Lifestyles. This partnership could prove even more beneficial given Dashwan’s credentials and the fact that skateboarding is among the four new sports recently added to the Olympics program.

Fintwit investors are bullish on the potential of this partnership given that Dashawn is sponsored by major industry players including Nike, Essentia Water, and Toy Machine. In fact, he is also considered one of the most renowned street skaters in the world – with medals from X-Games and the Street League. In light of this , Dashawn could help boost the company’s social media presence since his latest video released on ESPN’s TikTok account has over 3.4 million views and more than 300 million impressions on multiple platforms including social media giants – TikTok and Snapchat.

Aside from Storm Lifestyles, GTEH’s other subsidiary – Fizzique has also been gaining momentum, Starting the year on a high note, the drinkable protein developer received an order from North America’s largest wholesale health and specialty foods distributor – UNFI. Given that UNFI is a $20 billion revenue company with connections to giants like Whole Foods, Giant Eagle, Wegmans, investors are bullish on the potential of this partnership. The order entails an initial 2 million cans expected to be completed before mid-February along with an extra 2 million cans to be reserved on hand for orders by June. 

To facilitate this growth, Fizzique recently signed Megan Olivi as a brand ambassador. The lead ESPN host and reporter is well-known for her significant number of followers and loyal fans. In light of this, her involvement could provide greater exposure and reach for Fizzique products and  consequently, higher sales.

Clearly, both subsidiaries have been seeing major growth since the start of the year. This success could mostly be attributed to the company’s efforts in late Q4 2021. In fact, to prepare for a prosperous 2022, GTEH reduced the authorized share capital by nearly 25% and obtained around $1.3 million in revenues. This resulted in $3.5 million revenue projections for 2022 not without including Fizzique sales, GTEH expects that the newly formed subsidiary could solely bring another $3.5 million, bringing the total revenues of the year to $7 million.

Commenting on that, the company’s CEO – David Lovatt – believes that “Fizzique will do significantly more than that, as will the other brands, giving me the firm belief that we should be looking at $10m for 2022.” Although this might sound a bit optimistic, the company has shown exceptional YOY growth last year given it had only 190,000 in revenues as of 2020.  With this in mind, GTEH has the potential to become one of the fastest growing stocks this year and with this impressive growth in revenues, the stock might also break new records in 2022.

Given its projected $3.5 million in revenues for 2022 as well as orders from a $20 billion revenue company, investors are bullish GTEH will see brighter days. In fact, with a proven record of growth and an impressive brand portfolio, GTEH has the potential to become one of the biggest OTC players. The company is going above and beyond to keep its shareholders in the loop by regularly updating them though social media and press releases. With a current $20 market cap, the stock could see new heights following the anticipated launch of their FIzzique drink.

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